Hacktoberfest 2018 Poznań Meetup

Let's hack for Open Source together

About Hacktoberfest

Hacktoberfest is an annual event across all of GitHub which is meant to encourage developers to contribute to open source projects.

As a couple of guys amazed by open source projects, we decided to organise a meetup for this event in Poznań.

Whether it's your first step in open source or you already maintain your major project for several years, join us and let's hack for Hacktoberfest together.

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The event consists of two main tracks. You are free to attend only one of them, or both - whichever you find more interesting!


A place to plop down with a laptop and write some code. Meet new people, ask for help, help others, talk about cool projects, share your knowledge, socialize! (Or don't. It's up to you - just have fun!)


Talks about Free Software, Open Source, programming, and IT in general.

10 min.
Poznań Meetup TeamPoznań Meetup Team
Opening talk
30 min.
Aleksander LorencAleksander Lorenc
Wstęp do Open Source - pierwszy projekt
30 min.
Artur IwickiArtur Iwicki
Nie tylko kod - jak jeszcze możesz wspierać Wolne Oprogramowanie
15 min.
Damian FajferDamian Fajfer
Open Source w rolnictwie
15 min.
Pizza!Marcin Mielnicki
Cool badges for your project
20 min.
Kamil PabinKamil Pabin
Git tips & tricks
20 min.
Mateusz PacekMateusz Pacek
Steganografia przy kawie - czy warto ukrywać informację zamiast ją szyfrować?
45 min.
Pizza!Dinner break
Free pizza for everyone!
45 min.
Sylwia BłachSylwia Błach
Myśleć jak maszyna - o sztucznej inteligencji słów kilka
30 min.
Oleksandr TryshchenkoOleksandr Tryshchenko
Developing software in a team without pain
30 min.
Jędrzej PaulusJędrzej Paulus
Początki w IT
30 min.
Karol SejkaKarol Sejka
Yet another serverless presentation - praktyczne zastosowania
5 min.
Poznań Meetup TeamPoznań Meetup Team
Closing talk

You only need to bring a laptop with you - drinks and food are on us!
If you are an open source project maintainer, you can prepare a lightning talk (~5min) to promote your project.

If you maintain any open source project feel free to join our event as a Maintainer.

Contact us at: [email protected] or Facebook messenger.


What is Hacktoberfest?
Hacktoberfest is an initiative by Github and DigitalOceans (website) and it's all about contributing to open source projects. After submitting 5 contributions you'll get a limited edtition Hacktoberfest 2018 T-Shirt. You can pick any project of your interest but all of the contributions must be accepted within October.
Why are we doing this meetup?
Because we can! We all share a common passion for open source. We consider it to be a very important idea. As such, it’s substantial to encourage new people to join the movement. And what better way could there possibly be?
Who can join?
Anyone interested in Software Development. It doesn’t matter if these are your first steps towards Open Source or if you are experienced Software Architect maintaining several projects. For beginners, we’re going to show how to proceed with Git and GitHub. For experienced people, we can offer a comfortable place with snacks to commit and contribute.
What's in it for me?
By contributing to Open Source, you’re helping everyone in the community. Additionally, as a person, you become more valuable on the market. We have a chance to give what we took from Wikipedia!
Which languages will be spoken during the event?
All of the event staff speaks English and Polish. Talks will be given either in English or in Polish, based on the speaker's preference (that said, we expect the majority to be in Polish).


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